Reflected Power

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Subject:  Re: Reflected Power

> >I'm in the process of rewinding the secondary of the output
> >transformer of my flyback converter. In an attempt to match the
> >impedence of the Tesla coil I'm adding more turns. Are there any ham
> >radio operators on the list that knows what reflected power looks
> like
> >on a O,scope? I've been seeing a strange waveform on the scope and I
> Unfortunately there is no visual difference in reflected and real
> power.
> Compare it with reflected image on a mirror and the real one.
> However,
> reflected power is *not* absorbed by the coil and it should just
> increase
> your curculated power and increase amplitudes of current (and
> voltage).
> It may have some phase-shift related with it too.
> >   This is a representation of the waveforms I'm seeing when I
> increase
> >the voltage applied to the circuit (things were so much easier when
> I
> >was driving a resistive load!).
> Well, the coil should draw current pretty much sinuoidally when
> exited
> by a resonant frequency drive. Monitoring current will tell you a
> lot.
> Once you are at resonance it should draw sinuoidal half cycle while
> the transistor is conducting (like in the forward mode converter) and
> waveform in the off-time depends on lots of things, especially the
> voltage
> waveform.

    Thank you for your reply,and your help! 

  Another question I would like to ask is when you increase the turns
ratio to increase voltage will this cause a coresponding increase in
current draw? My reasoning says it should but I would like to get some
feedback from someone with experiance.

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