NST source ?

From:  Jeffrey Wiggins [SMTP:jwiggins-at-kcc-dot-com]
Sent:  Wednesday, January 28, 1998 8:22 AM
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Subject:  RE: NST source ?

Remember all those Retro-50's restaurant/diners that sprang up in the 80's?
Well, there outta style now - neon and line dancing tend to clash, don't you know.
One such place closed in our office building recently and I salvaged four 15kV-at-30mA,
three 12kV-at-30mA and one 9kV-at-30mA NST's FOR FREE.
Look for places that have been around for ten years or so - the lease is expiring and
their gonna move or re-model. If you can't get them for free, you might be able to trade
old barn-boards or steer-horns for 'em.

Jeffrey Wiggins