Voltage/Length (fwd)

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Tesla List wrote:
> John, something appears to be amiss somewhere in
> >the model you're using, or in the set of assumptions used for your
> >model.
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> >Safe coilin' to you!
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> >-- Bert --
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>   Bert -
>   I agree the above equation does not change when bangs change. But what is
> your point in bringing in bangs? The above equation does not include joules
> (energy) or watts (power). However, the bangs determine the joules or watts.
>        Joules (watt seconds) = .5 Cp Vp Bangs/eff

Whoops!  Did you do your dimensional analysis on this equation???
C times V times 1/sec gives _amperes_, not joules!

Perhaps you meant to say:   Watts (joules/sec) = .5 Cp Vp^2 Bangs/eff,
in which case the _wattage_ does depend on the # of bangs per sec (BPS),
but the joules are independent of BPS, and depend on only C and V.