RF destruction of caps and trannies

From:  Malcolm Watts [SMTP:MALCOLM-at-directorate.wnp.ac.nz]
Sent:  Thursday, January 29, 1998 2:38 PM
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Subject:  Re: RF destruction of caps and trannies

Hi all,
          One of the strategies I am pursuing to make NSTs last in a 
small commercial job will be to place the transformers physically 
close to the main gap and do without chokes altogether, just 
retaining some damping resistance and filter caps right at the 
transformer terminals. Placing a safety gap at the transformer 
terminals and observing the discharges suggests that energy stored in 
stray inductances and chokes between the transformer output terminals 
and the main gap when the main gap is conducting might be a 
significant factor. The energies are low but the voltages are real 
high. I will report on observations made with this when the system is 
finally wired. A side benefit is that all voltages above mains are 
bottled up in a shielded cabinet positioned right next to the coil.
The shielfing will be connected to the secondary ground as a strike