SYnc motor mod's and Variacs

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> It would appear thet unless I can devise a PLL servo for my motor, sensing
> the (now variable) phase of my cap, that the use of a variac could be
> hazardous to my cap and NST.  Do others using sync RSG's use variacs, and
> if so, do you have to re-tune for phase at each variac setting?
> Gary Lau
> Waltham, MA USA


I'm glad to hear you're up and running with the sync-gap.  I use
a variac to control my voltage input, but I adjust the phase only 
for max variac output.  I always run at full power, so I haven't 
been concerned with the proper phase adjustments for lower
power operation.  I agree that building a remote phase control
is a nuisance...in fact I haven't done that myself...I just turn off
the coil and re-adjust by trial and error.  Still, it's nice to have
the remote capability, which is also useful if you change your
cap or tranny to a different value which will require a different
phase setting.  Maybe something could be rigged up using 
nylon fishing lines...pull one line or the other to adjust the 
phase using some sort of lever on the sync gap to provide easy

John Freau