Triggered Gap

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>Subject:  Triggered Gap
>Dear All,
>Has anyone used triggered gaps to fire their coils?
>I am building a small Oudin coil driver and was thinking about trying a 
>triggered gap, input voltage is low at 200-600 VDC so the only other option 
>is a Triac or SCR, I will try a three terminal gap with the center 
>electrode used as the trigger, EHT pulse from an 8kV xenon flash Tx.  The 
>coil wattage is low at < 100W.
>I think a triggered gap may quench better as the gap spacing is much larger 
>than normal for the high current path.  I assume the gap spacing is mainly 
>dependant on the triggering voltage?
Why not use a SCR directly? I believe that SCRs have longer lifetimes than
gaps, and switch better.
Atle Jorstad