Re: toroid shaped coil capacitance (fwd)

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Sent: 	Saturday, January 03, 1998 4:00 AM
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Subject: 	Re: toroid shaped coil capacitance (fwd)

RH wrote: 

>I got tired of doing this for every new iteration of circuit so parted 
>with $900.00 and got a Pearson.  They be folks with the plan and 
>wideband.  The thing is dead linear from .02Hz to 2.5mhz and just as 
>passive a component as a lead pipe.  How dey do dat!?  (Answer- years 
>in the biz and they won't even discuss the methodolgy with you!!!!!)
>Richard Hull, TCBOR


Odds on you won't find these babies at the local hamfest.  %^}

I too waste a lot of time trying to measure currents.  Been saving my 
nickles and dimes for one since RH first brought 'em up.  Getting close 

RH, got an address or phone number for Pearson?