Strange Spark Phenomena

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 > The output spark is strange.  I have seen this phenomena before but haven't
 > thought much about it until now.  The first 2" of the output spark is very
 > thin, the next 2" are very hot, thick and blue, the last 2" are very thin
 > like the first 2".   How can a spark that is all one continuous spark be
 > made up of 3 sections?  How can the center 2" of the spark be hotter and
 > thicker than the ends of the same spark?
 > Gary Weaver


I see these kinds of effects often with tube coils and the effects 
vary with tuning, coupling, power input, etc.  In one case, the 
sparks were 21" long and the first 10" were thick and fuzzy, and
the upper part of the sparks were thin and pointy and straight.  By
varying the tuning, the sparks could be made completely fuzzy, or
completely pointy.  It's all very weird and I don't know if spark gap
coil spark appearances are controlled by the same factors as tube
coil sparks.  This whole question of spark appearances is an 
interesting, and as far as I know, an under-explored area of coiling.

John Freau