Di-electric Chart??

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 Just something to add. The poly caps that most construct are in my
 opinion not as hailed as they should be. Because they are not the best 
 and in some cases depending on quality of the poly, the cap could be a
 total flop. Which I for one can't afford to have happen. More than
 likely you will spend $50 + on these things, with no guarantee the thing
 won't fail because of error somewhere. I think the loss factor would
 help in many ways if it were given on all of the di-electrics. Because
 after all which would you rather have to do replace a few plates or
 totally lose your cap and build a new one. I have learned that you have
 to make sacrifices to be able to gain anything.

I think I calculated my cost to make a .02 uf 9 kv (.062 poly) rolled poly cap
at about $90.00.  At least these things are repairable.  I disassembled two of
them and used the components to make one new one.  Yes, it is quite a mess but
it only took about 2 hours to take them apart, clean up the oil and

Ed Sonderman