Jumping in with both feet?

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Subject:  Re:  Jumping in with both feet?

John Freau wrote:

>Did you try re-tuning (tapping) outward by a couple of turns 
>when the metal dome is installed?  

Yes, I believe I did go out to the full 11 turns, still no go.  I'll have to
experiment further...

>> It was interesting to see how the voltage builds, then POW,
>> builds then POW,  builds then POW,  builds then POW.  

>The gap may be firing at a sub-multiple of 120 times per 
>second, perhaps 60 times per second or less because of the 
>wide gap setting.

Hmmm... The gap seemed too wide, but performance was more dramatic.  

>If this is happening, the voltage on the cap resonantly charges
>to a higher than normal voltage and may destroy the tranny 
>and caps.  I forget what size tranny you're using, 

15 kV 30 ma  - but only half of the secondary in circuit.

>but it may be too small for the capacitor.  Sometimes if you
>use a 140V output variac, it provides the tranny with just 
>enough power to achieve 120 BPS even with a slightly- too-
>large cap... 

I'll try reducing the gap and dropping back to three caps for a total of .015
and see how it runs, adjusting the primary size to compensate for secondary
top loading.

Thanks for the suggestions...

Steve Johnston