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> Spark Plug Wire is a misleading term.
> More often than not, spark plug wires have no wire in them, but a carbon
> fiber sort of conductor.  Also, the additional resistance used to
> suppress RF may be more resistance than you might want to put into
> your
> system.

This is true for factory-installed ignition wire and for most replacement 
wire obtained at regular auto parts stores.  However, if you go to an 
automotive performance / racing supply store, such as SuperShops, you 
can get "non-suppression, wire core" ignition wire, either as pre-cut sets 
or on a reel.  Some of it has surprisingly high insulation values- some 
high-performance racing ignition systems generate upwards of 50kV 

This stuff is also very flexible and heat-resistant, but not nearly as cheap 
as used neon wire from a sign shop.


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