Neon Transformers & HV Wire for Sale

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Sent: 	Saturday, January 03, 1998 4:22 PM
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Subject: 	Neon Transformers & HV Wire for Sale

For Tesla Coil, Jacob's ladder, neon, etc..

If interested, please contact me DIRECTLY at tpayne-at-netnitco-dot-net

Please tell me which one(s) you're interested in, and your zip code (to
determine shipping cost).


"CONVENTIONAL" neon transformers in clean (not old, not rusty), good
working condition.  They are not labeled, the ratings are from my

Shipping is extra.

$5  used  6kv15ma     in = porc ins     output=porc insul  no lid
$6  used  6kv30ma     in = 2 wires     out =2 sockets
$6  used  6kv60ma     in=porc ins   output=porc insul, missing 1 insul
$9  used  6kv60ma     in = porc ins     output=porc insul
$5  NEW   7.5kv30ma?  input=3 wires    out =2 sockets (soc damaged)
$8  used  7.5kv30ma?  input=2 wires     out =2 wires  switch
$13 used  12kv25ma   in=porc ins   output=porc insul  no lid  2 avail
$17 used  12kv30ma   in = porc ins     output=porc insul
$17 used  15kv30ma    in = 2 wires     output= 2 wires, w/switch
$12 used  15kv30ma  in=porc ins  out=porc ins, no lid, missing 1 insul

"ELECTRONIC" neon transformer in good working condition:
$19  used, 9kv30ma, about 20kHz(?),  SMALL SIZE 4x5.5x2 inches, LIGHT
WEIGHT about 2 pounds,  AC cord, on-off switch, 10" HV leads, good for
Jacob's ladder, neon, experimenting. 

NEW Neon transformer HV wire, flexible gray, rated 15KV, $1.00 per foot.

AC power cord for transformer, 3-wire, grounded plug, used, $1.00