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>    If my tank capacitor is charged with DC only, it seems to me that it
>would be much easier to get a solid resonance occuring in the tank circuit
>with a fixed spark gap (well quenched).

I think you would need a mechanical breaking gap like a rotary gap to 
properly quench a DC supply.  

>    For instance, lets say my TC is resonant at 100 khz, it seems to me that
>all that is necessary to get a solid resonance is a fixed spark gap that
>will quench and fire 100,000 times per second

No, you want to hit the primary with an impulse, at let the natural 
resonance of the tank ring it up to a high voltage.  A few hundred breaks 
per second gives the secondary a chance to ring nautrally in response.  
You don't want to overdrive the coil or excite higher harmonics.

>    Can a fixed spark gap be quenched at that rate?

Not by any means I am aware of, nor would it help us any.

>To get DC into the tank
>capacitor, is it as simple as feeding rectified AC into your transformer?

Yes, it's that simple, but not something you need or want to do.  60Hz is 
quite practical to work with.


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