Re: New pics and scope waveforms

Hi Richie,

	I just wanted to compliment you on your outstanding web page and testing
you have done!!  Your fantastic explanations of resonant charging and such
are wonderful!!  The animations of spice simulations took my breath away!



At 11:34 PM 12/08/1999 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi coilers,
>Just a quick message to say that I have added some new pictures to my
>web site. These include photos of my 4" coil being tested up to 1800
>watts, and two AVI movie files which can be downloaded.
>I have also posted a number of oscilloscope traces obtained by
>"scoping" a real coil operating in one-shot mode.  These traces show
>the secondary voltage ringup, notches, and ringdown over various
>time frames.
>There is one trace for corona only,  and another which shows the
>pronounced effect of an ARC TO GROUND.  Enjoy !
>	www.staff.ncl.ac.uk/r.e.burnett
>Merry Christmas to all.  Take care,
>						Cheers,
>						- Richie,