Re: Tesla's Energy Transmission (Warning Long Post)

Hi Guys, 
              sorry if my comments are incoherent of badly worded - I've just 
got in from an 8 hour recording session. My comments interspersed:

 I am afraid I have to disagree with your theory on many aspects:

2 = many ??? 

 1.  In relation to 1000 thousand jelly donuts (1GJ)the earth can
 source/sink infinite charge.
That is entirely untrue - I could say that compared to tesla coil output 
voltages mains is infintely small and therefore should be ignored - I think 
the 600 people electrocuted in Britain every year may disagree.  The earth, 
like any other conductive object, can sink/  source finite charge - the fact 
that it is a very very large finite charge is incidental.  The point is that 
the small effect that the system has on this very large finite charge 
capacity is magnified many hundreds of times under resonant conditions.  Even 
then it is a tiny fraction of the earth's charge sinking/sourcing capacity.

 The earth has a capactiy of several uf
 compared to a infinintely big sphere(the universe).

That is irrelevant - the TC system is not capacitively coupled to 'the 
universe' to any substantial degree.  I would be interested to see 'the 
universe' modelled as a single electrical entity.
 2.  This wave of charge sweeping through the earth would be extremely
 lossy.  The earth is a lossy conductor and would act as a waveguide
 between the atmosphere. 
Between the surface and ionosphere?  In terms of a charge wave the 
earth-ionosphere wave guide can be forgotten - as we all know the atmosphere 
does not conduct charge particullarly - execpt under rather unusual 
circumstances ;-)

 At tc frequencies, all energy would be lost
 before it gets to one resonant cycle.  It is simply impossible to get a
 resonant wave in the earth at TC frequencies.  Unless, of course his TC
 operated at 10hz or so, which may well be possible.

What do you mean 'TC' frequencies? What mode of conduction are you assuming? 
You would be surprised how conductive topsoil is - tons of free radicals.  I 
would also suggest that the liquid iron core cannot be compared to 
calculations for solid iron, The relative permeability changes greatly with 
temperature - You can hardly compare calcs for iron wire at room temp to 
impure liquid iron at 5000 degrees C.

 While I realize that tesla's wireless power system probably worked
 somehow, I do not believe that this is the way.  If it worked as stated,
 it would be the equivalent of a 125 kw space heater...
 I think.

When operating at full power it was - almost all 125kVA was being dissipated 
into the earth to maintain the resonant wave.  


Nick Field