Re:Tesla's Energy Transmission (Warning Long Post)

    Hi Nick,
    I think that the energy of 1 GW used by Tesla in
his TC can't be deduced by the long of the sparks (125
feet). Don't forget that TC produce a layer of intense
ionised air around it,so, the energy for the next
sparks can decrease. So, you can obtain 125 feet, but
with an acceptable energy (smaller) for a gave value
of power.
   More, the Earth is an anisotropic medium, where the
waves are lost through multiple reflections in the
metalic deposits, or because of the iron core of the
   You forget also, that the phase of wave is modified
by passing through variated obstacles. So,the returned
wave to TC is dephased, and the resonant cycle can not
be sustain.
    All my greetngs

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