Re: this cap made for trouble?

Hi Jan,

I've had to ask the same questions when I was planning my tank cap and I've
tried to gather together what I've learned onto my web site. I recommend you
take a look at http://www.breakfix.demon.co.uk/tesla_cap1.html as it save me
repeating it here.

Steve Bell (UK)

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Subject: this cap made for trouble?

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> Hi,
> about to turn from a TV flyback powered TC to something bigger during the
> holidays... The problem is now the tank capacitor, and I'd be very happy
> if someone could tell if I'm heading into trouble / a bad cap with the
> following ideas.
> I've made some tests with plastic bags (PE), and ordinary transparency
> sheets (like those you write on, not those for printer/copier), and both
> seem to stand 3kVAC very well. No clue about RF properties though. :o)
> So, this is what I had in mind:
>  - a couple of transparency sheets stacked up, with
>    household aluminium foil in between. goal is 10nF for 8kVAC
>  - aluminium foil folded twice or more often
>  - using the 10nF caps, a 4x4 cap array to be powered
>    by a 8kV 50mA NST (200W/400VA, cos(phi)=0.5)
>  - thin layer of liquid paraffine oil between alu & transp. sheet
>    during assembly, later whole thing immerged in paraffine oil
> Does this sound ok?
> I think that the transparency sheet will stand the strain, but not so sure
> about the aluminium foil... What type of foil is used in commercial HV
> pulse caps? Any thicker than household alu foil?
> Many thanks in advance
>  - Jan
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