Re: Need Tube I.D.- IRF840s

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<< 6OD6 G- jumbo sized tube, made in usa(!!! don't see many of those
 nowadays !!!)by RCA, Radiotron electron tube.6 pins + cap
 6CD6 GA- large size tube, SYLVANIA CR AMU.  also USA. 5 pins +cap
Confused--for a change.

Please recheck the tube types. A 6CD6 is an octal tube with a plate cap.
Is 60D6 correct?
Unused pins are frequently omitted. Sounds as tho you have two 6CD6 tubes from
different manufacturers. Count the pins and the holes. It's an octal if it 
has the keyed locating studd and the pins + holes = eight.

Cheers + eggnog
Ralph Zekelman