RE: Coiling Goals

Malcolm Watts on the Tesla-2 List said:
  "I'm curious to know: what is/are each person's goal/s 
  in coiling?  I'd be very interested to hear. I will 
  offer no comment unless one is requested."

Malcolm/List Members,

This isn't easy to answer. My goals have changed along the way.

My first goal was to create a functioning coil. Something like I'd seen in
school back in 1974 (3 to 4" spark). I carried this goal around without
acting on it until a couple years ago when a co-worker returned from
Colorado and was all excited by a Tesla coil he saw. I jumped on the Web and
was amazed by what I found (including the Tesla list).

My goal rapidly changed as I started designing my first coil. Being of the
school of "Bigger is Better" my second goal became creating a coil producing
3-4' arcs. Shortly after attaining this goal I set a new goal of 5' and
eventually attained it.

Next goal was the construction of a first class power controller which would
support my coiling addiction for the next few years. Lots of time (and $$$)
later I achieved this goal.

The next goal was the design, documentation, construction and packaging of
the "Mini-Twin" bipolar coil. This took a lot of perseverance to complete
(to my satisfaction that is).

Current goals are:
1) Learn more about measurements and interactions. To reach this goal I've
started collecting test equipment and making measurements. 
2) Sort out the problems with the SRSG I built.
3) The construction of a Magnifier capable of 10' arcs (possibly utilizing
an axial design).

Phew... That was a long answer to a short question. Sorry.

Brian Basura