Re: Franceformer repair...... and misc info

Your right.  Sorry I didn't catch that mistake when I typed it. I seem to
make a lot of goofy mistakes, maybe I should just keep quite. I was thinking
about the current on each coil being out of balance.  I have checked several
neons before unpotting them and found the current to be plus or minus
several ma per coil.  I had one neon that checked 27ma on one coil and 32ma
on the other coil. When I unpotted it I made sure both coils produced the
same output.  I figure if I want the output to be 50ma then both coils
should be producing the same output each. 

Talking about mistakes.  I just finished putting new heads on my Street Rod
truck.  After putting the distributor back on and starting the engine it ran
like the spark plug wires were connected wrong.  I checked the wires and
restarted the engine and it was still misfiring.  I pulled all the wires off
and put them back on again and it still mis fired.  One last time I
rechecked the wires and it still misfired.  I was mad so I went in
the house for about 30 minutes.  After getting cooled down I returned to the
shop and discovered wire 1 and 2 was in the wrong place.  Now the engine
runs great.  Is that stupid or what? 

Gary Weaver

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>Hi Gary, all,
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>> If the primary coil is bad it is not hard to rewind it.  If its like
>>my neon it will have 244 turns of wire on the primary coil.
>> You will have to use a meter to determine how many shunts to remove.
>>Be sure to check one coil at a time and remove the same number
>>of shunts from each stack. A 60 ma neon should have 30 ma on each
>>coil.  You can remove
>Sorry, but that CANT be. Your secondary windings are in series
>(i.e. 2 x -at-7.5kV for a 15kV neon), so the total current MUST flow
>through both windings, which means a 60mA NST will give you
>60mA per winding leg. The current does NOT sum up (30+30mA
>NOT= 60mA), when you series two coils. The voltage adds up,
>but not the current. For more current you will need to parallel the
>Series: Vt=V1+V2 and At=A1=A2 (for A1=A2)
>Parallel: Vt=V1=V2 (for V1=V2) and At=A1+A2
>Coiler greets from Germany,
>A P.S to all: Yeah, Im still alive. Ill try and get to those
>unanswered private mails ASAP. I just finished Xmas
>shopping and Im almost dead (& broke) ;)), but you
>WILL hear from me.