Fluke 27 and Transformer Oil


I am Nathan Ball, 16 year old coil builder and new to the list.

I have a couple of questions:

I have access to the use of a Fluke 27 DMM and was wondering if there was a 
way I could use it to measure the output current on the 15/30 NSTs i 
rebuilt.  It says in the manual that the max input voltage for AC mA is 

Also, I am building some new capacitors that will add up to 0.0265 
microfarad to match the new power supply of 15/150.

I built a 0.0053 uF cap before and used 8 sheets of LDPE between each plate. 
  I have since seen most people using at minimum 60 total mils and mostly 
aroun 80-90, but I have never had any problems running a 15/30 through it.

I think it may be because of the extremely pure transformer oil I got to put 
it in... but do you guys think 0.048 inches is enough for a 15/150?

Thanks in advance!

Nathan Ball
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