Re: RSG question

Hi all,

  Thanks for all the helpful replies. After reading them I think that it
would make a worthwhile project to test out various materials and
  In answer to Dale's question I am currently located in San Diego. If
you or any other coilers want to contact me please feel free to do so
off of the mailing list, no need add extra traffic here. 


              Phil Heslin (pheslin-at-home-dot-com)

> Original Poster: Dale Hall <Dale.Hall-at-trw-dot-com>
> Hi Phil & other So CA Coilers,
> 1.) I live and work in Redondo Beach and am happy to
>     have visitors help me play with my battery powered DC TC.
> Did you attend the Basura So Calif Teslathon this summer in Acton ?
> Where are you located ?