>Original Poster: Raycroft <k.raycroft-at-worldnet.att-dot-net>
>I'm a relatively new coiler (1 year of research, finished first coil
>last month, 4x16x22awg sec, sw cap and 15/30 nst), and after seeing lots
>of blue glow from my sw's, I would like to try an MMC.  I was just
>wondering where one can get "doorknob" caps.  Are they for AC, or do I
>need to rectify nst output?  How big should resistors be?  Basically,
>just what is the average MMC and what design considerations should I
>make?  For easy configuration, I would like to build several .001uF caps
>rated at about 30kv.  This way I could use as many in parallel as I
>Thanks for your time,
>Jason Raycroft
Hi, Jason

I'm kind of a new coiler too, with about as much time under my belt really 
coiling as you do.  I just built some new rolled caps that very near the 
same rating as you wish to achieve.  For my total capacitor I will have 
about 0.026uF at somewhere near 60,000v.  I will put two caps in series and 
then put five of those caps in parallel.

Mine have 4 layers of 12" by 36" poly sheeting in between each  8" by 32" AL 
foil plate.  I have been advised that this is a bit thin for a 15kV tank 
circuit, but I my other plate cap I built is the same thickness as the added 
thickness between the caps in series will be, and I havn't had any problems.

BUT... I do have some really really pure transformer oil from the pig shop 
at my the power company where my dad works which could very well be the 
reason my old cap hasn't broken down yet.

My new rolled ones (the two I have built) just tested in at 0.0011uF.

Regards, Nathan Ball

PS- If anybody thinks I misadvised Jason, please speak up! I should know too 
before I burn something out! -N

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