Re: rotary spark gap

Tesla List wrote:
> Original Poster: Thomas Gstrein <thomas.gstrein-at-stwimst.at>
> Hello. Can I use a rotary spark gap with a NST?


If this is your first system, you're much better off using a static gap.
The only type of rotary gap that can safely be used with an NST is a
synchronous gap, where the gap consistently fires at the same point on
the AC waveform. However, it's quite possible to overvolt an NST with a
misadjusted synchronous gap unless you use a tank capacitor that's
significantly larger than the "matched" value. If you haven't already
downloaded R. Scott Coppersmith's excellent Tesla Coil design tool,
WinTesla, please do so. You can get it at:

-- Bert --