Re: Straight from th pole

to: Jim

If you were a Corporation they would consider your request.  As an
individual there is no way they would do it for one simple reason:  Legal
Issues.  You get zapped --- they get sued by your insurance company.  They
would not consider your request.

Dr. Resonance

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Date: Thursday, December 30, 1999 1:02 PM
Subject: Straight from th pole

>Original Poster: Jim DeLillo <jimdel-at-bellatlantic-dot-net>
>Is it possible to request HV service directly from the utility company
>rather than get a pole pig?
>It would seem that we're just reversing whats happening outside the
>house (step-down) anyway.
>If it is available what are some of the concerns or limitations?
>Cost, Safety, Regulations, Public Visibility?
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