Re: Sonotube loss corrections


I find it difficult to beleive that a well treated card board form is going to
have any significant loss compared to losses elsewhere in the system that
effect the overall output performance. Many have built their coils from
sonotubes and they perform well.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Adam Parker" <park_e_r-at-hiwaay-dot-net>

> <snip> card board material is about the worst thing on the face of
> the earth as far as overall Q goes. I know it should definately be treated
> to lower conductivity. But what can I do that will help the loss? I know I
> can't all but eliminate it, but, how much improvement would a layer of LDPE
> glued over the form offer? I'm assuming the underlying cardboard would still
> "hold back" the form's effect on Q. Any ideas on effectively reducing the
> loss on these terrible (but cheap!) forms?
>       Thanks a bunch,
>           Adam