Fr. Tom's PIC CAP METER files now available

Subject: Fr. Tom's PIC CAP METER files now available

The capacitance meter is my own original design. It will measure from
.01 pf to 16,777.215 microfarads. Should be of some interest to
coilers and electronics hobbiests and engineers.

Andy Kunz has graciously offered to host my PIC based Capacitance Meter at
his web site. The url is:


Once you get there you will see a link to the zipped files. The zipped file
is 1.1 MB in size and includes all the  documentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF
format. I used version 4.0 to create the PDF files, but they should be
readable with a version 3.0 reader.

For those who have access to AutoCad, I have included in the zip file a
copy of CMETER.DWG. This will allow those who have access to AutoCad to
have access to the originals of all the drawings.

Please note that I will *not* be e-mailing copies out, but that instead all
interested persons should download the files from Andy's web site.

I have affixed a copyright notice to the main document, since I wish to
retain all rights to the work that I have produced. However, permission is
granted to any individual who wishes to make a PIC Capacitance Meter based
on my design for their own personal use. I hope that many people *will*
build one, and I hope that those who do so find it useful.

Anyone who wishes to place a copy of the zip file on their own web site or
archive site may do so, as long as the file is presented intact.

Fr. Tom McGahee