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RE: Apartment coilers beware!

Original poster: "Rick" <ollopa-at-jps-dot-net> 

I'm not allowed to do any of that stuff either, but that doesn't stop me =)
I've got 2 cats, which is 2 more than I'm allowed to have... hmm..

You see, the sad thing is that some dude driving by freaked and called the FD,
not me!!!  They really didn't need to come out and shred the remains of my
mattress.  It was all dandy and taken care of!  Oh well.

I think the FD might try to collect a little money from property management, 
but it doesn't look like anything has come of it yet.  

We actually threw the waterlogged mattress in the dumpster...  Uh,
until I could arrange to take it to the dump.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of the garbage truck and thought that
they might refuse to collect our trash on account of a queen size mattress
poking out of the dumpster.  I peeked out my back-door peep-hole and watched as
the overfilled dumpster went up and over the truck, then came back down empty.

Saved me the dump fee!  

That last run also fried my stereo and my laptop modem...  Both of which were
also upstairs.

I remember my friend laughing as he said "And you wanted to hook up another
transformer!"  Well I guess if I had gone for another transformer instead of
increased topload, my arcs might not have been so close to the ceiling....

Well, I'll pray on my stocks, cross my fingers, and hope for a 5acre plot of
land in a few years.  I've got a 15KVA 14,400v pole pig sitting in a closet
downstairs =)  I'm glad I don't have a 240 outlet here because I surely would
have killed myself by now.

On 01-Dec-00 Tesla list wrote:
> Original poster: "Garry Freemyer" <Garry-at-NDFC-dot-com> 
> You got off lucky with the fire department. Here in the town I live in, they
> can make YOU pay $250 if the fire department has to come to your house.
> I too live in an apartment but I'm pretty lucky so far. I get sparks about 2
> feet long, I got filters on the chord to the wall. I cannot sink a grounding
> rod. They would have a cow and kittens if I tried.
> I cannot unpot an NST either. Flammable materials are not allowed.
> I cannot even do work on my car, not even so much as an oil change. 
> I cannot wash my car either!!
> However, I'm lucky that nothing needs resetting when I run my coil, I don't
> even see interference on my TV in the next room. Not a snowflake.
> I run it little but I sure well understand your desire to move.