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Re: Third try at first light / ozone

Original poster: "Dr. Duncan Cadd" <dunckx-at-freeuk-dot-com> 

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Date: 09 December 2000 00:40
Subject: Re: Third try at first light

>Original poster: "Albert Hassick" <uncadoc-at-juno-dot-com>
>I wish I could find a way to generate only beneficial ozone with my coil

The only beneficial place for ozone is the ozone layer - at ground level it is
Bad News.  It's at least one hundred times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide and
the only reasons you don't immediately drop dead from sniffing it are:

1) you can smell it at *much* lower concentrations than HCN (0.04ppm or so)
2) it kills much more slowly and horribly.

Ozone is a respiratory poison and is highly reactive and will destroy lung
tissue, the covering of your eyes and just about anything else it contacts.
Nasty stuff.  If you can smell it *persistently* you need better ventilation,
even a micro coil in a closed room can be a hazard.  The threshold limit value
(TLV) is 0.1ppm - about the same as phosgene (world war 1 poison gas.)  50ppm
will probably kill a person in one hour.

See: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/10028156.html

"IDLH" in the above NIOSH reference stands for "Immediately Dangerous to
Life or
Health".  Just 5ppm of ozone is so classified.  Beware.