Re: de-tarring question.....

Probably the easest way to remove the tar is melt it in the kitchen oven.+AKA-
It will melt at about 200 degrees F unless it is very old and dryed out then
it may melt about 250 or 300 degrees at the most.

Try the lowest temperature first.+AKA- As long as you don't over heat the
tar it
won't produce any smoke. Put aluminum foil around the case to contain any
leaks.+AKA- Remove the cover on top of the case. After one hour in the oven at
200 deg F check to see if the tar is melted.+AKA- If not turn the heat up
to 250
and wait another hour.+AKA- When the tar is liquid you can simply poor the tar
out of the case like water.

There is nothing holding the transformer inside the case so be careful not
to let the transformer fall out.+AKA- Cut the wires off at the insulators.+AKA-
Remove the transformer and wipe it with a rag.+AKA- The transformer is very
to dissamble while its is still hot.+AKA- Remove the screws and coils. After it
cools wash the pieces with gasoline to remove all the tar.

Now it is ready to re-assemble.+AKA- Be sure to put the coils back on the same
way they came off.+AKA- Remove a few of the shunts to increase the current
output.+AKA- Use a ma meter to find the correct location for the coils and the
correct number of shunts. Be sure each coil produces the same amount of
current. Wedge the shunts and coils in place with polyethylene so they can
not move. Put the transformer in a box filled with high voltage oil.+AKA- You
can build a box from plywood coated with polyester resin or make one out of
plexiglass. Be sure you have 1/2" of oil around the sides of the transformer
and 1" of oil above the transformer. Now the thing is almost indestructible.

You and also mix 50% used tar with 50% high voltage oil in a pan.+AKA- Heat it
on a camp stove or BBQ grill outside until it melts and mixes. Put the
transformer back into its original case and pour the liquid tar into the
case until it is full.+AKA- This is not as good as HV oil in a box but its much
better than the old dried out tar.

Gary Weaver

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: peterB <zardoz-at-albany-dot-net>
> Hi,
> I have a double spark coil that is filled with (tar?). Black and hard,
> but waxy.
> I would like to remove it. I know nothing about de-tarring transformers,
> but think the
> process would be similar.
> How is it done?
> Thanks,
> -Pete B.