Re: adhesive for SG help

Hi Stan,
	What I did with my gap was to glue the tubes on first with the correct
spacing, I used an old credit card, using "araldite Rapid" 15 minute epoxy.
Then I put the gap in a warm place for 24 hours to give the thing time to
set. Then I carefully drilled two hoes in each tube and screwed self
tapping screws though each tube. I fitted brass bolts to the first tube and
the last tube , and use a  lengh of thick cable with a couple of croc clips
(alligator clips  to you people on the other side of the pond)  to adjust
the number of gaps needed. The primary connections are made to the brass
bolts. As I have just got a digital camera I can send you a picture if you
contact me off list.

Bob Golding