Re: generators( was NST Inductance)

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Hi All,
With all this talk about generators Maybe someone might like to try my
idea of hanging a rotary gap off the end of the shaft. I have just got a 1
kW Honda petrol genny myself but I have just lost the use of the "high
voltage research facility" so don't know when I will have the space to do
anything about it. Robert, did you ground the pickup truck.

bob golding

Driving a synchronous rotary gap off the end of the genset shaft would work
perfectly!  No I didn't ground the pickup truck, it represented a large
enough counterpoise that there was no need.  Our biggest concern was HV
field gradient being introduced into the truck's entertainment radio
through the outside whip antenna.  Nothing bad happened.  
Since I mention radio's however...once when firing an 8 kVA coil outdoors
which was very well grounded here at the AREA31 Testing Range a visitor who
had left his 2 metre ham rig hooked up to the magnetic rooftop whip antenna
on his car was unimpressed to later discover that all his frequency
programming had become erased.  Luckily the radio was not damaged in any
other way and once reprogrammed worked fine.
Robert W. Stephens
AREA31 Research Facility
AREA31 Radio Observatory
Principal Investigator
Project TARGET SETI Program