Anodized Aluminum

To All
My work just threw out lots of Photosensitive Anodized Aluminum. This is OLD
stuff 1973, so the light sensitive part is gone. But for those who want to 
try making 
plate caps, Toriods, or anything else that can be made of thin, stiff, Al 
It's worth a try. There are two kinds, 12 X 24 inch .003 thick and 11 X 14 
inch .005 thick. The finish is Matte, and the color is black. Write me off 
list if you want some. I will charge only to pack it in cardboard. You pay 
the postage. E.g. Is from LA Calif. to
Ft Collins Co. is $8.26 parcel post for the 11 X 14 pack of 100.
PS Photo films like this in the past were made with silver nitrate coatings 
and if you did not clean the plates very good with solvent it could get into 
the insulating oil 
messing things up in your cap. best to try it in a small batch first.
Denis Despins