RE: Wire Guage and Q? (toroid)

Hi Nathan:

With my 15/60 NST, I use a 6"x23" toroid placed on top of a 4.5" x 15.5"
toroid.  When I was using a 4" secondary, the larger toroid just barely
broke out without a discharge point.  Now with a 6" secondary, there's no
stopping it.  I'd say your toroid is fine, as long as you can tune your
primary to it.  Worst case, you'll have to use a discharge point.

Only my smaller toroid had a disk in the center of it, and that's what I tie
the top of my secondary to.  I covered the disk with Al tape, and wedged a
length of EMI gasket between the disk and the toroid.  The gasket is just a
tube of thin, compressible wire mesh.  This provided a solid connection
between all of the not-well-connected toroid AL tape strips, and the disk.
Then there's a liberal bead of hot-melt glue on both sides of the EMI gasket
to join the disk and toroid.  I've often wondered how necessary the gasket
is though.  When you think about 100's of KV, what's a little tape adhesive?

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA

>Original Poster: "Nathan Ball" <nateburg-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
>Hello again..
>My toroid is 23" in diameter and has a 7" cord. I think it may be a bit
 > It is flexible dryer duct covered with foil tape.
>Also, checking continuity to the ground from the toroid reveals 1Kohm of 
>resistance.  I think this may be because the glue backing of the foil tape 
>is only semiconductive.  What do you guys use?