Tesla coiler in the neighbouhood of Belgium?

First of all a Happy New Year and much much coilingpleasure for everybody.

I'm sending this message special for the people who live in Belgium or the
As we are playing shortly a theaterpiece called "STROOM" (Dutch for "POWER")
we thought we maybe could use a Tesla Coil for our publicity-campaign. But
as we only need this coil for a short period of time and afterwards we can't
use it anymore, I thought maybe someone could help us out. I've been looking
for prices for buying or hiring Tesla-coils, but all these were much too
expensive. (especially the prices to bring over this coil from America to

Maybe someone can help us out? 
Does anyone know addresses to hire in Europe or is some Tesla-coil maker
willing to rent us his coil for a short period of time?

Thanks in advance for willing to help us.

Kurt De Meulenaere
Renaissancelaan 30
1000 Brussel
e-mail: Kurt.De.Meulenaere-at-info.rma.ac.be
tel.: +32/2/737.65.11 (office)

P.S. Please sent your answers preferable by e-mail because I'm not always in
my office.