Re: High Voltage Power Supply

Hi Tobias, Hi Herwig,

> Original Poster: "Herwig Roscher" <herwig.roscher-at-gmx.de>
> Tobias,
> >Now I just wanted to ask which supplies are available
>>and where to get myself one. Sadly the price does matter
>>a lot to me, because I am a pupil and my budget is low.

> I've started with OBITs = oil burner ignition transformers.
>You can get them for free from the scrapyard, they are
>current limited like the NSTs => neon sign transformers and
>will usually deliver 10 kV/20 mA. If you need more power, it's
>possible to parallel some of them. Always use safety gaps,
> as these transformers are not built to be operated without load.

What is even more important, is the fact that they are NOT
rated for continious usage. Most have a 3 minute limit and
believe me, if you donīt heed this printed (on the label)
warning, you will get one hot xformer. Also donīt expect
these kinds of xformers to last very long. A NST is quite a
bit more robust.

Tobias: Call every sign shop you can find and bug them until
you find a shop that is willing to part with an NST (it might be
a prob if you arenīt 21 years old). Tell then what you are
building, that you are a student, etc. That usually helps.
Germany uses the 7.5-8kV flavor, but that wonīt stop you
from making big sparks, as I have proven ;o)

> Herwig (also from Germany)
Me too ;o)

P.S: Where are you situated, Tobias?

Coiler greets from Germany,