HV DC power supply design

Dear List,

as you might have noticed, I'm trying to design a stiff DC power supply
using two MOTs and a voltage doubler pair. It's not only for TC use. I'm
looking for general HV DC power supply design guidelines, how to do the
diode/capacitor strings, how to calculate needed values for filter caps, how
to connect the voltage/ampere meters etc.

I have a 1996 ARRL (radio amateur) handbook, which has a tiny section on HV
power supplies, it tells me what I should do in general, like use many
diodes in series, but that's not enough, because I'd like to know what
cap/resistor values should I connect in parallel with them etc.

I have a tendency to screw up things, that's why I want to even once do
something that ends up working well for years. :-)

If you know a good source of information regarding the subject, please let
me know.

Thanks in advance,