Re: nathan's saga update...

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 -  big snip - 
>  I did actually have the grounded strike rail connected.  Not a real solid 
>  connection, but it could conduct. I had the two ends electrical taped 
>  together.  I disconnected that too, and hopefully it will work a lot 
>  That would make sense, that the rail would spark at the places it was 
>  connected to the vertical posts if it was sucking power out of the primary.
>  By the way, my mom likes the new cap a lot better than my old ones.  No 
>  of getting transformer oil all over the studio carpet!
>  Till Later
>  Nathan


I haven't even met your parents - but I know I would like them.  Both of them 
sound very supportive of your new hobby.  Many years ago, my Mom helped buy 
most of the parts for my first Tesla coil.  She also used to take me to the 
the chemical supply store and sign for all the chemicals she bought for me - 
she was the best Mom you could want.

Ed Sonderman