Re: Franceformers

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>Tesla List wrote:
>> Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
> Perhaps the neon sign folks have a better idea of
>> which brand transformers they do and don't have to replace all the time???
>> Just curious as to what people think of France Transformers...
>> Cheers,
>>         Terry
>Hi Terry ...... 
>I too have lost a Franceformer ...  ( a new one at that   less than 5
>min run time )   I have been using Transco 15/30's  with great results 
>not one yet to die on me...  ( btw  the transco's are potted with that
>yellow resin stuff) 
>Scot D

Hi Scott,

	My trusty Transco has tar in it but they changed to epoxy a year or two ago...

I think I will get a 9kV/30mA from Actown for my little coil.  Their site
www.actown-dot-com  has quality talk written all over it and they say all the
right things.  I was pretty impressed with it all.  If it does blow in two
seconds, I know just how to pull their strings. (Just like MY strings get
pulled all the time. ;-))  I am interested to see just how good their stuff

I have heard a lot of good things and bad things about France.  I wonder if
they have good and bad productions days...  I didn't hear of any Transco
deaths...  Maybe they are so cheap, they don't take any chances on the
design...  The aluminum wire primaries on some France's didn't exactly
impress me as "value added" engineering...

It looks like Actown's stuff will not die just from looking at it...  I can
handle keeping the Tesla coil from killing it, but when it is as good as
dead to begin with...