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RE: How to get Glyptal

I called EIS Holden in Orlando and they recommended that I order the Glypal
1201 red insulating varnish from EIS Holden, Philadelphia so save on
shipping costs (I'm in New Hampshire).  I ended up purchasing two gallens
from them at $49.79 per gallen plus $25.97 for shipping via Fedex ground.

I have heard good things about this varnish, but don't rush things by
applying extra thick coats and not allowing the coats to dry thoroughly
before the next application.  I might even recommend the thinner (also sold
by EIS I assume).  I made the mistake of applying three very thick coats to
my wound secondary.  Each coating consisted of two thick applications about
30 minutes apart from each other.  I allowed two weeks dying time between
the three coats.  After doing this and allowing the form to sit for a month
the varnish was still a bit soft so I placed it in the sun by a back door.
The varnish has been producing large (0.5 to 3 inch) bubbles ever since as
the unlying layers dry, much like a pizza coming out of an oven.  This
varnish seems to produce a skin which prevents unlying material to dry.  The
trick is to keep the layers thinner than this skin.  I don't expect any big
problems in the end since the wire I used was 18 gauge PVC insulated, but
there will be some aesthetic issues to address once the varnish has fully
dried.  I plan on lightly sanding the form and finishing by properly
applying a couple more light coats.

- Jeff Blodgett

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small (I think 2 Oz.)bottles of Glyptal can be aquired from

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Howdy folks,

You can also get Glyptal 1201 from Electrical Insulation Suppliers Inc.,
1905 Premier Row, Orlando, FL 32809.  The only problem is that it is quite
expensive (close to $90/gallon), and they don't always have a small supply
(meaning that you would have to buy a pallet of the stuff if they don't
have a couple cans laying around).  I've used this on my coil, and it's
highly recommended.

Rod & Patti

On Thu, 29 Jun 2000 18:15:20 -0600, our friend Pete stated:
>List Members,

>I have heard quite a few requests out there about how to get Glyptol...
>As I have just had to once again go out and find some, I figured it
>would be useful to make sure everyone knows....

>Glyptol is a GE product and appears to be only available from GE.  You
>go to or call your local GE distributor and ask them for it.  You can
>find your
>local GE distributor by going to http://www.gesupply-dot-com .   I plan to
>be putting this info along with other nice tidbits, pictures and movies of
my coil
>on my web page in a month or so at http://www.whitfill-dot-net/tesla .
>Peter Whitfill