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Merging copper tubing for Primaries

Original poster: "Bart by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <bmcguyer-at-houston.rr-dot-com>

    On my first coil, I had to merge two 50' rolls of 0.25" copper tubing in
order to amount to the right length for my primary.  I simply cut a peice of
wire (six gauge I think?) that formed a tight friction fit inside the tubing
in order to join the two rolls.  I am making a new primary, and I am
wondering if I should solder the rolls together instead.  I plan to use wire
to join them again, and maybe solder ontop of that joint, but I do not know
what to do.  I know my soldering iron will never complete the job.  Any
suggestions?  Is it necessary?  Should I buy a propane torch ...?  What
would be the best for me to do while I build my primary?  Thanks you in
advance for any and all help.

    Bart Mc.