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3 Phase - again

Original poster: "by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <Tesla729-at-cs-dot-com>

Hi all,

I hate to open this thread, but I have a question from a little different
angle than anyone else came from :-) I've noticed driving thru some 
of the older, but well-kept neighborhoods of my city several fairly 
large homes that were obviously strictly residential, but yet they had
3-phase service, and usually they had two seperate electriclal hook-
ups from the utility. One was single phase and the other was 3-phase.
I've been noticing this, especially after the discussion on this list about
3-ph and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this? I know that
Jim Lux said that you must have a >10 HP electric motor, or something 
to that affect with PG&E, and I'm sure all local utility companies have 
similar requirements for 3-phase service eligibility. My question is how did 
these residential homes aquire 3-phase service? I didin't notice any large 
shop building near the properties and like I said, the 3-phase hook-up was 
directly to the home. Comments anyone?

Keeping 'em sparking in Memphis,
David Rieben