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Re: Telsa Tornados, was: Sword-like VTTC spark pics - Here's a pic of a spri...

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>  The link below is to a picture of my tesla coil in operation last Saturday.
>  I think this big spark off the top might qualify. It certainly is fatter,
>  longer and is corkscrew shaped. This is a typical air-cooled static spark
>  gap coil using a 12" spun aluminum toriod.
>  http://home.pacbell-dot-net/garryfre/Tesla_010203-007.jpg

Garry, David, Carl, all

Garry, from what I can see of your photo, this does not seem to be
quite the sprite-like coalesced spark type that has been refered
to.  The spark has to be much tighter.... a single spike of light.
I don't know if the time exposure is spoiling the look.  (maybe
by eye... it looks correct?)   In answer to
David's question.  I have heard of the corkscrew
like sprite spark (in spark gap coils) forming only with spherical
toploads.  It may be necessary to have a break rate of 300 or
400 bps or higher also.  

Carl, in a new test of my staccato tube coil, I directed the spark
nearly horizontally, from a nail above the small toroid, and the spark looked
the same as before, except for being nearly horizontal.  So it doesn't
need the toroid below the spark to focus it, and it also doesn't need
a vertical column of hot air or ionization.

Did I mention on the list yet, that if I blow on the spark with a 
strong breath of air, the spark shortens by about 30%.  It then
gradually lengthens again, but takes about 2 seconds to reach
full length.  (this test was done with the vertical spark)

John Freau