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Re: Then I guess this doesn't count either....*

Original poster: "Steve Rosenthal by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <sdrosen-at-cwia-dot-com>

I have to pipe in here, can't resist it......


You hit it right on the head. I have a cartoon I cut out of the paper some
time ago, probably in the mid 70's, it pictures a corporate executive
sitting at his desk, high up in a high rise in a large city, looking out the
window at the sun, with a perplexed look, and in the sun is a big old $$$$
sign! I believe you have hit on the reason for a lot of things, the almighty
dollar! Why did J.P.Morgan pull his financing? In my humble opinion, it was
because he knew the Dr. Tesla's technology worked, but he didn't see any way
to make a huge return. So what we have today is the outcome. Westinghouse
saw how to extract the most money from the general population, how to get
everyone to send him $$$ every month like clockwork, something he could
legally get everyone "hooked" on like a drug, and so here we are all hooked
on the grid. You know you can't get a final inspection on a house unless
it's hooked to the grid. And since then engineers have been educated to
think that's all there is, don't even think about anything else, free
energy..preposterous!!!! Anyone who even thinks about such an oulanddish
idea is a wacko. And so our old friend Nicola Tesla has been painted for all
these years as the cheif wacko, his name and memory have been removed from
the history books, his good name defamed, and all the rest. But listen to
this, here we are 2001 "discovering" DARK MATTER, that which makes up 95% of
the universe, but can't be seen, got all the theoretical physicists all
excited!!! But one of them (Michio Kaku http://www.mkaku-dot-org/) as far as I
know for sure, there may be more.... gives discovery credit to guess who???
Nicola Tesla!!! for discovering and understanding it way back 100 years ago.
Why do most electrical engineers have this sort of arrogant pridefull thing
about giving any credit to Nicola Tesla for being way ahead of his time,
understanding things then that we are just beginning to understand now? I
believe that Nicola Tesla envisioned things which are still far ahead of our
present technology, why is that so gall darn hard for some to accept? Tesla
was plainly a very superior human being intelligence. We play with his coil
and think that's really neat! Tesla coils are a good thing, but we are not
using them to their full potential in the way Dr. Tesla used them, they are
not the end, only a means to an end.

This group is small but mighty in the fact that it is keeping interest in
the Tesla coil going, what is going on here on this list is important work.
Provoking new thinking should be one of the goals of this list.

As far as your statement, TV and radios receive freely and there is a
marketing model which supports profitablilty in a very big way with them. I
would not like to think that the electrical distribution grid is the end
all. I am from rural Iowa, and I remember a time when there were a lot of
areas without electicity. And you know it was really nice not having power
poles everywhere, I hope to live long enough to see a time when the
electrical distibution grid will be dismanteled. Imagine that! THINK ABOUT
THE TELEPHONE. I remember working with one of the first cell phone companys,
and I rememeber one of the execs telling me their goal was to eliminate land
lines....know what....we're almost there...it is high possible and very
probable. The telcos aren't going out of business, they're growing. The
power companys MAY be going the same way soon. Right now we have the
technology to provide every single family dwelling means of generating all
it's electricity and heat..onsite..the fuel cell is coming to a home near
you soon.....but home owners don't want to maintain them any more than the
want to maintain their refrigerators or air conditioners....enters a new way
the power companies can provide power...WITHOUT THE GRID!!!!

Maybe one of the folks reading this list and building Tesla coils in their
garage will stumble on one of the discoveries Tesla didn't write down. Maybe
it will be you,..... if you can shatter your mindset!        It is POSSIBLE!

Thanks you very much for allowing me to vent, I'm getting down off my
soapbox, I'll be quiet now for a while.........


> Nothing short of superconductors is superior to plain old wires.  If wires
> don't count as "real energy transmission devices"  I'm not sure what does.
> Even if wireless transmission could be more efficient, consider the
> realities.  What utility is going to broadcast their power
> to anyone with an antenna, if there is no mechanism to meter who receives
> and extract payment?
> Gary Lau, Engineer
> Waltham, MA USA