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Cutting Variacs, was RE: variac amperage control??

Original poster: "Alan Yang by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <megavolt121-at-mediaone-dot-net>

	when you cut your variacs, how did you get the windings off? and how much
did you have to cut out/off?


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Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson by way of Terry Fritz
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Hi David,

I cut the core on a 10A and a 30A variac. It wasn't a problem but only due
the tool used (a gravity band saw). I cut right down the center of the
area before the connecting plate (swung it out of harms way). It took about
minutes of cutting (nice slow pace) but made a clean cut. I epoxied some
plastic into the slot to keep the core nice and tight. Worked great! The 10A
core was a solid iron compount. The 30A core was made of laminations. This
spread a little at the edges as each lamination was cut (filings getting
between laminations. Tie wrapped up then did the smae epoxy thingy to them.
It's been in use about 2 1/2 years and going strong.

Take care,

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> << "Ed Phillips wrote:
> < Cutting a
> < thin slot through the core would probably cure the saturation and turn
> < it into a linear reactor, but have never sacrificed a variac to find
> < out.  Cutting through that silicon steel ribbon would be a pretty tough
> < proposition, but think some have reported it.
> Hi Ed, Un-Terry,
> Yep, I can testify to what both of you are saying. I had a 28 amp/240 volt
> variac that I was using as a current limiter for my a coil a while back
> I ended up burning the windings up on a very small area of the variac (<
> It was enough to riun the variac, though. Then I decided to take it apart
> salvage the donut core. I then thought about cutting the slot in the
> core for an extra reactor ballast. I first tried with a hacksaw (lol).
> We're
> talikng about appr. 2" x 2.5" of solid silicon steel. Then I bought a
> cut-
> ting blade and installed it on my circular saw and proceeded to cut thru
> By now, it was more of the challenge of actually cutting thru the core
> actually being able to get something useful out of it. After about 10
> of a shower of sparks, I finally cut clean thru it, although the edges
> rather ragged. Anyway, the core kind of "spring" opened once the cut was
> completely thru and it left a gap about 2" wide. Also, the lamenations
> spread out pretty bad around the cut, so I don't know if it's even usuable
> now and it's pretty doggone ugly :-(
> David Rieben