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Re: VTTC output

Original poster: "Herwig Roscher by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <herwig.roscher-at-gmx.de>

Ed Phillips wrote:

> > Below +30 mm the waveshape, which was nearly pure 
sinusodial before, started to become more and more distorted. Do 
you have an explanation for this?
> 1. The tuning changes with coupling ........
> 2. you are observing the effect of the non-linear streamer current...


Thank you for your explanations. Independent on the possible 
reasons, the current should be *sinusodial*, shouldn't it?

> are measuring the CURRENT flowing into/ out of the secondary
- Is there another/better way to measure the relative power output? 
Picking the E field seems not to be a good solution to me because 
I'd pick all the harmonics from the brush as well.
Picking the B field using a pickup coil on the primary form relates 
to the tank circulating current more than to power output.

>  Finally, sounds to me as if you're doing pretty well!
- Thanks. I need to learn a lot more about all the nonlinearities.
>  By the way, there is a possible way to measure efficiency (at 
least of tube output power to the tank divided by input DC power).
- I thought of this optical methode when I started the project. The 
intention was to monitor the plate dissipation. During various 
experiments the tube proofed to be quite tough and I dispensed 
with permanent monitoring therefore.

- I shall visit these sites. Thank you, Terry