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Re: Found: Sync Motors??

Original poster: "G by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <nieporgo-at-email.uc.edu>

Hi John, List,

I double-checked and it isn't marked HYST (like the first 200 motors 
I found were!!). It also says 1/35 hp. Is this high enough to spin a 
Lexan rotor with a modest amount of electrodes? I have seen many 
designs with only 4. Thank you for your help, this is my first 
attempt to improve efficiency with a RSG.


>  > Hello All,
>>   I was doing some browsing the other day at MECI surplus. I came
>>   across several sync motors and I am curious if these are the type
>>   that work properly in SRSG service without further modifications.
>>   Here is the nameplate data:
>>   Terminal Data Corporation
>>   Sync Motor
>>   115 VAC 60 Hz
>>   1500/1800 RPM
>>   5 MFD
>>   I seem to remember these as Teletype motors? It is about 1/15 - 1/20
>>   hp size or so.
>>   Thanks much,
>>   Greg
>If it is really a teletype type motor, then it's probably good.  I assume
>the 1500 rpm is for when the motor is used on 50 Hz.  It sounds
>perfect.  Hopefully it's not a hysteresis motor.  Usually hysteresis
>motors are marked as such.


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