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Re: S.s. info...re: differing secondaries

Original poster: "Kennan C Herrick by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <kcha1-at-juno-dot-com>

Hi John-

comments interspersed...

> I can understand that you want the voltage to built up as high as
> possible, but I was curious if you actually compared the results
> with and without a breakout point.  Things don't alway work as
> we might expect, because of a possibly incomplete understanding
> of the factors at work.  I would think you would want to at least 
> try the
> system with a breakout point for comparison.

Haven't gotten to that point yet.  I have a nice little smooth copper 3"
dia. float that I will use for that purpose, setting it into the top
recess of the toroid & letting it peek up just enough to provide the
breakout surface.  When I get all 3 coils working OK, I'll try that.

I am now finding that I seem not to have enough gain in my amplifying
chain when using the 36" coil, plus--my phase-adjusting scheme leaves a
lot to be desired.  So, more electronics head-scratching is in store
before anything else.
> By the term "disruptive" appearing spark, I mean a spark that looks 
> like
> the sparks from a spark gap TC, as opposed to a typical spark
> from a tube coil or a SSTC.

Tube- & spark gap sparks I've had no experience with; I jumped right into

> You mentioned that a lot of folks might not be interested in 
> building
> your design because of the complexity and costs involved.  That is
> true, however there may be folks who would be interested in seeing
> the details, even if they don't actually build it.  This does not 
> necessarily mean they will pay for the plans, because I think a lot
> of folks feel that there should be a free sharing of ideas and 
> plans,
> because of the hobby nature of the work.  I myself feel this way.
> But I do believe you should do what *you* think is right regarding
> charging or not charging for plans.  The more work you put into
> making the plans detailed, and showing every dimension drawn with
> perfect precision, etc, the more you will feel that you should be 
> compensated for your effort, does this seem true?  

Yes, I've put a heck of a lot of work into this project and have made
detailed CAD drawings; but, of course, all is not finished yet so there's
even more work ahead.  But I may well post just the schematic dwgs--not
particularly neatened up--for general info.  It's just that I have to get
the thing working fully- satisfactorily first.



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