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Primary inside secondary

Original poster: "Jason Johnson by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <hvjjohnson13-at-hotmail-dot-com>

Hi all. I just got finished winding a new secondary coil (4.5" x 35" wound with
~25 guage Cu), and got to thinking that it would look really cool if I could
run it with no visible primary, just the secondary and topload on top of a
small black box. I know that there have been successful coils before that used
a primary inside the secondary form (not many though), so I know its not
impossible. I was picturing a primary about 2.5" diameter wound on some 2" sch.
40 PVC, probably wound with some 8 or 10 guage copper with 50+ turns. I have up
to 110nf available with my dual MOT PSU, so getting into the right frequency
(120-160 Khz) range shouldn't be a problem. For tapping I planned on drilling
holes in the 2" PVC and attaching wire leads every so often along the primary,
which would all exit the bottom of the secondary/primary, and be selectable for
different caps, toroids etc. (within a certain range). Also the space between
the primary and secondary will be filled with something like transformer oil to
minimze coronoa and flashovers. What do you all think? Will it blow up or catch
on fire? Anyone tried this before?
Jason Johnson