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Re: RQ gaps was -JF efficiency theory (again)

Original poster: "BunnyKiller by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>" <bigfoo39-at-telocity-dot-com>



>  The question I have is has
> anyone else noticed browning of the PVC pipe support between
> the copper tube spark gap electrodes, where the sparks blaze
> against the PVC? I've heard that PVC is susceptable to UV radi-
> ation and I've noticed that the browned areas are electrically
> weaker and tend to want to flashover more than the unstained
> areas of the PVC.

snip again

> I
> was just wanting to see if any of thge other coilers had noticed this
> effect.
> David Rieben

Hi David ...

PVC is very susceptable to intence UV .  it breaks down rather rapidly and does
start to conduct. I was using 2" PVC pipe that was slightly squashed at the
end to
allow my single gap set to fit in it ( it also increased air flow across
the gap
too) the pvc would discolor within 5  1 minute runs, and it would start arcing
across the pvc after about 20 runs.  I quit using pvc and went to G10 stock
in my SD
linear gap. only have to clean the copper tubes about every 8 hours of run
time (
actuall run time )

Scot D